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Michael Vasconez

Lifestyle Medicine | Detox | Integration

Along with all the education and certifications most people are looking for, I also have experience. I am a man who was lost in pain, destruction and confusion but by divine guidance was able to become whole again. I offer a very unique look into healing chronic illness, healing relationships and spiritual awakening. My education is melded with experience to offer my service to humanity. 

Through detoxification of the mind, body and spirit we have the ability to experience real health, intuitive behavior, and the most beautiful relationships. 

Ten years ago I was walking in the sands of Afghanistan as a machine gunner for the United States Marine Corps. Leaving the military and returning to civilian life was a hard transition to say the least. The next few years my life fell apart in all areas. My relationship, health, and soul all became fragmented as the decisions of my past and lostness of the now moment confronted me. ​

I had a back injury that left me barley walking, my marriage was on the brink of divorce, and my body was so sick I could barely function. 

Then I had a moment where the Divine touched my life to guide me out of my darkness. I learned many secrets that are hidden from humanity in order to find health and well-being. 

I worked with an indigenous medicine doctor for 6 years who helped me see my path in life. I then studied with The Hippocrates Health Institute to become a coach and mentor for lifestyle medicine. I received a life coaching diploma from Nobel Manhattan Coaching. 

After stepping into my path, I now blend my experience with education to offer people a way into well-being and a better life. Proper detoxification, relationship coaching, and guidance in becoming symptom free from chronic illness

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